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Warren Claypool was the fourth child of Claude and Cora Claypool He married Brenda ob 04-20-1944 while on duty in England during World War II as a tail gunner for a bomber. He was captured by the enemy after his plane went down over Germany in April 1944, just a few days after his wedding, and was taken captive where he did time in the ?? POW camp in ?? On ??, he was freed and sent home, where he rejoined his wife and new son David. They had 7 children: David Douglas married German National Martha ?? in ??
Michael James married #1 Dorothy Schultz and #2 Linda Roff
Jeffrey married Valarece Long,
Kathy married Glen Molitor,
Greg married Karen ??,
Derek married Brenda ?? , and
Patricia married Ross Olson.
There was also a son, Dennis, born in 1946 who died at three years old.

Dave and Brenda Claypool built a little house closer to the road on the property his Dad owned on ten mile creek and started house-keeping there. This was on land adjoining the land of cousin Vyron Northup. In fact Vyron and Dave bought that original 80 together and later, Vyron bought his own piece next to it. Later, after Jack Groth died, and Dave's sister Ellen moved to California, Dave and Brenda sold that 80 back to Vyron and they moved across the section to their place on 10 Mile Creek.
In ?? Brenda died and Warren sold that place and moved to Deer Lake near his son, Jeff.

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The Warren Claypool Family

Children of Warren and Brenda Claypool

David Douglas B. Aug., 1944 M. Martha (divorced, 1997)
Michael James B. June 17 1946 M. #1 Dorothy Schultz, Nov. 1970; #2 Linda Roff, Aug. 13, 1976
Jeffrey B. 16 August 1949 M. Valarece Paulette Long (7 Sept. 1954) 16 March 1974 in Bemidji
Kathleen B. ?? M. Glen Molitor
Greg B. ?? M. Karen
Derek Claypool M. Brenda
Patricia B. ?? M. Ross Olson